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The play was produced in berlin every christmas for many years. Charley s aunt, donna lucia dalvadorez, is coming to pay him a visit. He soon becomes the object of desire for a wellrespected gentleman. It is a rollicking farce about undergraduates at oxford university, one of whom, jack benny, disguises himself as another s aunt from brazil where the nuts come from. Brandon thomass charleys aunt is a play ive heard about oftenits gone down in classic theatre lore pretty much like the mousetrap. One had him in drag as title character charleys aunt 1925, from brandon thomas 1892 play. Charleys aunt the winnipesaukee playhousemeredith nh. Charley s aunt is a farce in three acts written by brandon thomas.

Jack and charley, undergraduates at oxford, have each fallen in love. Find movie and film cast and crew information for charley s aunt 1915 on allmovie. Cancelling her visit at the last minute, the millionaire aunt sends the boys into cataclysmic confusion. Complications begin when fancourt, in drag, becomes the love object of old spettigue and sir francis chesney. The complications of the plot include the arrival of the real aunt and the attempts of an elderly fortune hunter to woo the bogus aunt. Charley wyckham and jack chesney pressure fellow student. Charleys aunt new edition royalty free brandon thomas. Words of past images in 1892, when charleys aunt first saw the light of day, oxford had its serious side. Charley s aunt was given in a german translation as charleys tante at weimar in august 1894. Ah well, we wont be too hard on that particular aunt, given she. Get your kindle here, or download a free kindle reading app. Like niagara falls, charley s aunt stands the test of time. With jack benny, kay francis, james ellison, anne baxter.

Their purpose is to have a chaperone for their amorous visits with amy and kitty, niece and ward of crusty stephen spettigue. The catholic university of america speech and drama department presents charley s aunt, by brandon thomas, directed by joseph lewis, settings and lighting by james d. Charleys rich aunt, donna lucia, is visiting from brazil and the timing couldnt be better. If youre going to drag an aunt into the business, we may as well wait till they all come back from scotland. Nov 10, 2012 charleys aunt 20 september 10 november 2012. I suppose like most people, i first saw charley s aunt, brandon thomas centurieslong theatrical chestnut, back in high school. The official website of charley s aunt restaurant located in chatham, new jersey. In its day, charley s aunt was the original west end blockbuster. Oct 02, 2012 mathew horne, perhaps best known from the bbc s gavin and stacey, plays the oxford student forced to impersonate a fellow undergraduate s widowed brazilian aunt. Worlds largest play database search by castsize and genre free new plays ezine bringing you the best first find plays scripts musicals and downloads. Sir francourt babbs babberly gets drafted by his old school chums charley and jack to pose as charley s aunt, a rich widow, to chaperon a meeting between the boys and their sweethearts, amy and kitty. But without a chaperone, they cant meet their girls, amy and kitty.

They invite the ladies to meet charleys wealthy aunt from brazil, where the nuts come from. Charleys aunt jack chesney and charley wykeham, two undergraduates at oxford university, are in lovejack with kitty verdun, ward of stephen spettigue the oxford solicitor, and charley with amy spettigue, the solicitors niece. Charleys aunt is a farce in three acts written by brandon thomas. Media in category charley s aunt the following 21 files are in this category, out of 21 total. This charming frump is introduced as charley s aunt. Dressed as a chorine named apple annie at his lodge frolics night, a weary uncle charley awakens from a nap after a ma. The story centres on lord fancourt babberley, an undergraduate whose friends jack and charley persuade him to impersonate the latter s aunt. Join our eclub for prizes, perks, and special offers. Charleys aunt altrincham garrickaltrincham garrick.

Silent film versions of the play were released in 1915 and 1925, the latter featuring sydney. Page spettigue, lucien littlefield brasset, alec b. It was one of a handful of leading roles for syd chaplin, older brother of the more famous charlie. Charley s aunt is a 1941 american historical comedy film directed by archie mayo.

They invite the ladies to meet charley s wealthy aunt from brazil. The problem is solved by drafting their oxford undergrad pal into bloomers and wig. Its been enacted on stage countless times, all the way from small town theatre companies to broadway. A play paperback august 15, 2016 by brandon thomas author 4. Be sure to check the laws for your country before downloading or redistributing this file. Her presence as a chaperone will allow him and his friend jack to ask their respective true loves, amy and kitty, for their hands in marriage. Webmaster puo esaminare fotografia e libro per vostro computer. Our fall farce, charley s aunt a hilarious farce written by brandon thomas and directed by ed knights. Things get even more silly as babbs is soon being hounded by suitors interested in the aunt s considerable fortune. The millionaire aunt sends the boys into cataclysmic confusion when she cancels her trip. Charleys aunt oct 2, 1893 standard theatre original charleys aunt mar 19, 1906 manhattan theatre revival charleys aunt jun 1, 1925 dalys 63rd street theatre revival. L prodotto e discusso in italia il 1 ottobre 1972 da viz enterprize nella sua variazione clarendon, identificato di numero immagine distintivo di 47. Charlies aunt 1982 part 1 the intro by average joe. It was the third filmed version of the stage farce of the same name by brandon thomas.

Watch my three sons season 8, episode 24 uncle charley s aunt. It remained one of benny s personal favourites among his own films. In 1890, two students at oxford force their rascally friend and fellow student to pose as an aunt from brazilwhere the nuts come from. This first talkie version of the evergreen brandon thomas stage farce charley s aunt stars charlie ruggles, obviously having the time of his life in the leading role. Search results for charleys aunt stock photos and images 106. Now haywards douglas morrisson theatre gets into the act with its commissioned world premiere of charleys aunt 66, a new version of brandon thomas stillpopular 1892 farce. A comedic favorite to this day with colleges and high schools, the early crossdressing farce first produced in 1892 broke all theatrical records wherever it played, and has become a recognized worldwide classic through countless stage revivals.

The film is based on the play charley s aunt by brandon thomas cast. Poor babbs is forced to remain in drag as both jacks father sir francis chesney phillips smalley, repeating his role from the 1925 version of charleys aunt. The opening title card of this film reads, twentieth centuryfox presents jack benny in charley s aunt brandon thomas immortal comedy. Brandon thomas s giddy farce demolished all box office records, clocking up 1,466 performances between 1892 and 1896. Complete charley s aunt with charles grodin, vincent gardenia, anne francis, joyce bullifant, barrie ingham, efram zimbalist, jr. Charley s aunt 1911 film, a silent italian film charley s aunt 1915 film, a silent american film charley s aunt 1925 film, a silent american film charleys tant, a 1926 silent swedish film. Charley s aunt is a farce by brandon thomas charley s aunt may also refer to. Lewis, with james christy, chet carlin, marisha watassek. Charleys aunt article about charleys aunt by the free. Charleys aunt is a 1925 american silent comedy film directed by scott sidney and starring syd chaplin, ethel shannon and lucien littlefield. This ebook is made available at no cost and with almost no. Luckily, charley s aunt from brazil where the nuts come from is coming for a visit. When the real aunt turns up, classic comic confusion.

Delahay, phillips smalley sir francis chesney, eulalie jensen charleys aunt, david james jack chesney, jimmy harrison james harrison charley wykeham. If you like benny, youll appreciate his twitchy maiden aunt who is quite unlike the real thing, the glamorous kay francis, who is travelling incognito to check out the girl who charley hopes to marry. Charley wyckham and jack chesney pressure fellow student fancourt babberly to pose as charley s brazilian aunt donna lucia. Sydney chaplin sir fancourt babberley, ethel shannon ela delahay, james e. Charley s aunt is a famous british play which for many years was the staple offering of every english high school drama class. Charley s aunt 1930 film, an american film charley s aunt 1934 film, a german film. Charleys aunt is a 1943 italian comedy film directed by alfredo guarini and starring erminio.

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