Grouper season in florida 2016

Grouper now available for harvest, and the dolphin fishing. The annual nassau grouper closed season begins december 1, 2017 and runs until february 28, 2018. A lengthening of the gag recreational fishing season from july 1 december 2, to june 1 december 31. When gag and black grouper season opens later this year they will have a minimum size limit of 24 inches in both federal and florida state waters. Closed season starts on the 1stbaby nassau groupers on. Techniques to catch big grouper and snapper off south florida s dry tortugas on topwater plugs. The gray triggerfish recreational season will remain closed jan. Goliath and nassau grouper are protected from harvest in florida waters. Anglers can harvest 2 gags within a 4 grouper aggregate gag, red, black, rockhindredhind, scamp, yellowfinyellow mouth during the open season, which lasts until december 3rd. Tampa fishing report, monday, february 1, 2016 florida fishing report tampa.

Target big grouper and snapper with topwater plugs. Salt water sportsman may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Groupers fwc florida fish and wildlife conservation. Purposed 2016 gag grouper season pensacola fishing forum. Recreational and commercial fishermen are required to use dehooking tools when fishing for snapper grouper species. The fwc approved new florida grouper regulations on february 10, 2016. Black and gag grouper have a minimum size of 24 inches total length tip of lower jaw to end of tail and the others have a 20 inch total length minimum size. This change has been implemented in both state and federal waters off florida. Grouper spawn between january and may with some of the more tropical species spawning yearround. Gulf coast grouper season 4, episode 4 rtfs duration. If the photos from todays dive dont convince you, then make sure to check out the recent article written in the national geographic magazine about. Reef fish florida saltwater fishing regulations 2020. Since 2007, regional fishing councils have sought to lift the moratorium on the goliath grouper.

Purposed 2016 gag grouper season fwc approves gag, black grouper size limit. The use of nonstainless steel circle hooks offset or nonoffset is required for all species in the snapper grouper complex when using hookandline gear with natural baits in waters north of 28 degrees n. This aggregate may not include more than 1 of black andor gag grouper. Sometimes well go offshore of tampa a couple of miles or so if were fishing for goliath grouper, or tarpon or sharks. Recreational regulations florida fish and wildlife. The seasquared boats fished the reef and wrecks this week, putting their anglers on fat mangroves, yellowtails, lots of hogfish, big amberjack, yellowjacks and the first grouper of the 2016 season. Get ready to grab some grouper tallahassee published 3. Gulfside, black grouper is open yearround, but the related species, gag, closes january 1. Grouper are managed differently in gulf versus atlantic and in state versus federal waters. Sportfishing vessel limit for demersal fish is 20 fish or 60 pounds of fish. If you want to dive with goliath groupers then look no further than palm beach, florida. Took our time getting to 60 feet but on the first spot we put 8 nice red grouper in the boat right off the bat.

Florida state waters are from shore to nine nautical miles out and are. Many species are managed using seasonal closures to protect spawning aggregations of fish. Two commercial fishing seasons for snowy grouper with 70% of the commercial annual catch limit allocated to season 1 and 30% to season 2, with a transfer of remaining quota from season 1 to season 2. One of my favorite fisheries here in key west mostly from just the fight and the reward. With grouper season about to close we got the kids out one last time. The gulf of mexico region dominates landings for the southeast where commercial fishermen land more than 1. Reel time florida sportsman gulf coast grouper season.

The commercial harvest season for gag, red and black grouper in all gulf waters off florida, except monroe county waters, closes on feb. Here in key west we get red grouper, black grouper, scamp and gag for the short list of the deliciously edible table fare of the deep. Live bait, jigs, frozen squid and herring are the most popular and efficient red grouper baits along this coast. Guess im not much help in solving the grouper mystery. The recreational harvest season for gag grouper from all gulf waters off the coast of florida closed on feb. Reel time florida sportsman gulf coast grouper and snapper season 6. Amberjack, triggerfish and gag grouper season changes in. Florida keys grouper season 2019 for many, may 1st is just the start of spring, but for avid fishermen in the keys, may 1st means grouper season is open. Et march 24, 2016 rich lettera with a fine gag grouper he caught off st. All other grouper landed between dec 1 and feb 28 must have head, tail, and skin intact. Gag grouper season starts july 1st for most of floridas. The 2020 gag grouper season in the gulf of mexico for federally permitted charter boats opens june 1st till midnight december 31 2020. This particular species of notorious bottom feeders are known. Atlantic state waters are from shore to 3 nautical miles.

Nc cobia shallow water grouper seasons reopen may 1. Grouper excluding nassau grouper during closed season and rockfish must weigh at least 3 lbs. Red grouper caught on buck tail jig off key west with capt. To learn more about gag grouper season regulations, visit the grouper page on the florida wildlife and conservation commission website. In south florida, probably one of the most anticipated and planned spearfishing outings aside from those that take you to major global destinations is the trip we make on or about may 1 of each year for the reopening of grouper season. Reel time florida sportsman crystal river gag grouper on.

Check out myfwc for the complete list of regulations. It doesnt always fall on a weekend but when it does like this year, the planning begins early. The greater amberjack season in gulf state waters has been closed since sept. Gag and red grouper are the most widely distributed of the florida groupers. The minimum size limit for recreational harvest has been set at 24 inches. Gag grouper season starts july 1st for most of florida s gulf coast.

Fishing closures right now with 55 species to manage in just the snapper grouper complex alone, it can be difficult to keep track of when fishing is open or closed for certain species. Hopefully, the amended twofishperharvester limit will allow for a 12month season in 2016. The anticipated grouper season of the south atlantic fisheries has opened. This is simply the best goliath grouper diving in the world. Florida saltwater fishing regulations 2020 eregulations. Wind seas viz temp 1525 ese 45 3040 81f once again, the most anticipated weekend for florida spearfisherman rolls around and this y apr 30may 3, 2016 grouper season opening florida bahamas caribbean spearfishing. May means grouper season in key west key west fishing report. With a vast array of ever changing regulations, few season openers are as highly anticipated as grouper season in florida. Florida keys grouper season 2019 marathon islamorada key. George gozdz travels to the grouper capital of the world in west central florida to learn all about the tasty fishery.

The gulf of mexico fishery management council has chosen to increase the recreational minimum size limits for gag and black grouper from 22 inches total length to 24 inches total length. Gulf state waters are from shore to 9 nautical miles. Scroll down for regulations by coast and by species. Dna sportfishing with captain dave irwin backcountry fishing charters in the lower florida keys and key west. Participation mandatory to fish for grouper in gulf waters. How to catch big grouper and snapper in south florida. Thunder coast custom spearguns is a custom speargun and diving accessories manufacturer and distributor. The fwc decided to not open a goliath grouper fishing season until more research into the health of the. Red and black grouper season closes in gulf of mexico. For more information about thunder coast custom spearguns, getting your own custom gun or about any. Their hopes were raised in 2016 when a stock assessment by the wildlife commission found that the. The new rules apply to black and gag grouper in the gulf waters of florida. Once the season opens, most grouper species can be speared or caught on hook and line, as long as they are the allowable species and the correct length.

The florida fish and wildlife conservation commission fwc manages marine fish from the shore to 9 nautical miles in the gulf of mexico. Breef the bahamas reef environment educational foundation calls on everyone to respect the closed season and choose an alternative during the spawning period. Goliath grouper are anything but gentle giants for florida. Gulf grouper aggregate bag limit all species of grouper in the gulf are included in a 4 fish per harvester per day aggregate bag limit in any combination of grouper species. Destin fishing news on whats running, fishing season updates, photos of the latest fishing trips and news about destin charter fishing. Gulf grouper regulations apply to all state waters of the gulf except off monroe county where atlantic rules apply.

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