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Buy the atlas of pern 1 st us by fonstad karen wynn isbn. Heres the perfect companion and guide for anne mccaffreys beloved stories of the dragonriders of pern. Was first published by del rey ballantine in november 1988. Its nice to be able to flip open a book and see an illustration of the world, trace the routes from one hold to the next and back again. Karen, her husband and teen daughter have called the wnc mountains home, for the past. Buy atlas of pern by karen wynn fonstad from amazons fiction books store. Karen wynne is news s weekend evening meteorologist and a reporter focusing on environmental issues. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Pern, where firebreathing dragons and their human riders join to fight the. The atlas of pern download ebook pdf, epub, tuebl, mobi. An extensive appendix and an index help readers correlate the maps with tolkiens novels. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. The forgotten realms atlas, by karen wynn fonstad, provides a. Karen lea wynn fonstad april 18, 1945 march 11, 2005 was an american cartographer and academic who designed several atlases of fictional worlds.

The atlas of pern by karen wynn fonstad is an authorized companion book to the science fiction dragonriders of pern series by anne mccaffrey. The atlas of pern by karen w fonstad and anne mccaffrey. This is a complete atlas of pern the world upon which the tales of the dragonriders of pern take place. Atlas of the dragonlance world 1e wizards of the coast. This site is like a library, use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want. Karen wynn fonstads the atlas of middleearth is an essential volume that will enchant all tolkien fans. A complete guide to anne mccaffreys wonderful world of dragons and dragonriders karen wynn fonstad on. Unfortunately, the atlas was written at a time when the series was far from finished so today its incomplete and karen has sadly left us.

Buy a cheap copy of the atlas of pern book by karen wynn fonstad. Karen wynn fonstad, the author or the atlas of pern, the forgotten realms atlas and other guides to fantasy worlds, is a noted cartographer. The atlas of pern book by karen wynn fonstad thriftbooks. Atlas of pern paperback import, 1985 by karen wynn fonstad author. Fantastic atlas of the pern world by my good friend karen fonstad, written with the approval and help of pern author anne mccaffrey. Series isbncatalog id price pages format type cover artist verif. Written by that master of science fiction and fantasy world renknown author anne mccaffrey. Similarly, the atlas of pern concentrated on the first seven pern novels. Karen wynn fonstad the atlas of middle earth fichier pdf.

Whether youre just a casual reader of a diehard fan, the atlas of pern is a handy companion to anne mccafferys popular series. The atlas of pern hardcover nov 1984 by karen wynn fonstad author 4. The atlas of pern is a companion book for the series dragonriders of pern. The atlas of middleearth by karen wynn fonstad 1992. The atlas of middleearth karen wynn fonstad revised edition houghton mifflin company boston to todd, mark, and kr. Read the atlas of middleearth by karen wynn fonstad for online ebook. Buy the atlas of the dragonlance world by karen wynn fonstad online at alibris. The atlas of the dragonlance world by karen wynn fonstad. Click download or read online button to get the atlas of pern book now. The atlas of the dragonlance world 1987, by karen wynn fonstad. Karen wynn fonstad brings out every detail of the world and history of pern in fascinating graphics and lucent text. From benden weyr to fort hold to the harper hall and even master harper robbitons southcontintent home are all shown here in glorious detail.

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